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About Us

The Wine Advisor is a family owned company that has been in business since 1973 in various food, beverage and wine industry tasks. Since our relocation to Arizona in 1997, one or more of the principals has been conducting Wine, Spirits, Distribution, Demo’s and Road Shows for a number of Wineries and Spirits Distributors. We have increased annual sales up to 28% for certain Wineries.

The Wine Advisor team has conducted Wine Demo’s, Road Shows and Educational Engagement for some of the industries most prominent Retailers, Wineries, & Distributors as follows:

Retailers:                Costco Wholesale
                                    Sam’s Club

                                    Fresh and Easy

Wineries:                 Precept Wine

                                    Robert Mondavi Winery
                                    Stimson-Lane Vineyards & Estates
                                    Hogue Cellars
                                    Geyser Peak
                                    Toasted Head
                                    Brown-Forman Wines USA
                                    Wine Bow

Distributors:         Alliance Beverage Distributing Co., LLC
                                   Star Distributors of NY
                                   Southern Wine & Spirits, AZ
                                   Southern Wine & Spirits, NV
                                   United Beverage Company

Throughout our engagements for the above clients, our task has been challenging and exciting to help increase Brand Recognition, Customer Loyalty and most of all current and future Sales. This is achieved for all mentioned above by means of education without the opportunity of actually tasting the wine. Brand Recognition has been built by several marketing methods, i.e. Advertising, Tastings, Word of Mouth and various forms of Giveaways with varying degrees of success. One of the most successful forms of Brand Retention is the direct Customer Education and Conversation, allowing the customer being informed of the Wines Vintage Quality, Winery’s Attributes and third party publication endorsements i.e. Wine Spectator Magazine Etc.

We currently have a staff of 32 independent wine consultants. The Wine Advisor team is available to work in Arizona, Nevada, Northern California and New Mexico. All staff members maintain their own independent Liability Insurance, autos, and the desire to perform a first quality representation for the Winery, Retailer and Distributors whom they represent. The Wine Advisor maintains its own $1,000,000 general liability insurance coverage.

Management commitment to a first quality performance is exemplified by our desire to work in concert with the Winery, Distributor and Retailer by examining the pre-selected show locations prior to the show, and working with the managers of the stores for placement of inventory in proper locations as to maximum traffic and sales. Supervisory staff inspects each location during the show to keep our consultants sharp, on their toes, and to assist them as needed. The Wine Advisor team is required to have a manager sign them in & out during our road show engagement.

The Wine Advisor will provide the distributor with up to date sales and inventory availability on the Monday following that weekend show; enabling the distributor to arrange for additional inventory to be delivered and sold without delay. This will provide buyer and/or purchaser an up to date Sales Results enabling and assisting in their decision for re-ordering during the Road Show.

For further information about our company and fee structure please contact Joseph P. Notaro at the number listed below. We also invite you to contact any of the references listed on our website.

Phone 480-420-8001

The Wine Advisor
Po Box 25204
Scottsdale, AZ 85255